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Nicolò Quadrio

PhD student


Nicolò was born in Monza in 15/07/1997.

In October 2020 he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry at University of Milan, with a thesis entitled “Synthesis of L-Galactose Derivatives”, under the supervision of Professor Anna Bernardi. In December 2022 he received his Master’s Degree (full score) in Chemical Sciences, organic chemistry curriculum, at the same university, with a thesis entitled “Synthesis of New Strobilurin Based Dual Active Compounds”, under the supervision of Professor Daniele Passarella and Professor Sabrina Dallavalle.

From April to June 2023 he was  Fellow at Mario Negri Institute, under the supervision of Professor Luisa De Cola, working on the synthesis and characterization of electrochemiluminescent Iridium Complexes.

In July 2023 he moved to Germany as Academic Employee at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) under the supervision of Dr. Frank Biedermann, working on electrochemiluminescent supramolecular systems.

In November 2023 he started his PhD in Photoinduced Processes and Technologies at University of Milan under the supervision of Professor Luisa De Cola. His PhD project involves the synthesis of luminescent and electrochemiluminescent systems for bio-sensing applications.