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Professor Isabella Rimoldi

Associate Professor
University of Milan (Pharmaceutical Sciences)


Isabella Rimoldi is an Assistant Professor at University of Milan, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She is co-author of more than 64 publications with H-index = 18 (source: Scopus) and 2 patents. She has participated in several research projects including Italian PRIN, EU Pathfinder projects and HORIZON-MSCA-DN. She has co-tutor of 4 PhD thesis and supervised 2 Post-doc and more than 35 Master students.

Her experience is focused on organometallic chemistry on the use of transition metal complexes, their characterization and study about the coordination properties, in function of the different Lewis ligands used (amines, phosphines, peptides, proteins, bioactive molecules). In particular, she studies the applications of metal complexes both in catalysis, in diagnostics by exploiting their optical properties and as possible drugs for various pathologies.