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Giulia Coffetti

PhD student
University of Milan (Pharmaceutical Sciences)


Giulia Coffetti was born in Bergamo in 10/04/1997. In October 2021 she received the Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology at University of Milan with a thesis entitled “Light-breakable mesoporous organosilica particles as natural staining”, with Prof.ssa Luisa De Cola as supervisor. In this period, she learnt some analytical techniques, such as UV-Vis spectroscopy, termogravimetric analysis, IR-spectroscopy, NMR spectroscopy and DLS

In december 2021, Giulia started a fellowship on Fondazione Cariplo’s HMBV project (“Heavy Metal Bio-recovery and Valorization”) at University of Milan under the supervision of Prof.ssa Isabella Rimoldi.

In October 2022 she started her PhD project entitles “Theranostic platinum-based complexes for glioblastoma treatment and evaluation of their loading and release for drug delivery”, with Prof.ssa Isabella Rimoldi as supervisor and Prof.ssa Luisa De Cola as co-supervisor.